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My orthodontic treatment plan was very unique. Dr. Rhoads was extremely attentive to my special needs and was sincerely dedicated to ensuring that I received the best treatment to make my teeth look great. She made my experience with braces a very positive one and I would recommend her to anyone considering orthodontic treatment.

Miranda S.


Dr. Rhoads and Invisalign gave me the smile I always wanted! Dr. Rhoads is a warm, caring person and made all the appointments easy, comfortable, and fun. As a general dentist myself, I fully trust Dr. Rhoads to provide excellent, quality dentistry to all her patients. She has my highest personal recommendation!

Corey M.


Dr. Rhoads goes above and beyond to provide patient support. While she was my orthodontist, part of my treatment included jaw surgery, and she stayed in very close contact with me as well as my surgeon throughout the entire process. She was always available for questions and made sure I understood every step of my treatment.

Michael G.


Dr. Rhoads did an excellent job of turning my smile into something amazing! Every visit was exciting and I was given the best care from day one. She always let me know what she was doing, and how each of the changes made my braces more effective. I highly recommend Dr. Rhoads because of her amazing work and kindness. I love my smile!

Faith E.


Dr. Rhoads capably delivers her services in a friendly and skillful manner. During my two years as her patient, I knew that I was in good hands. I highly recommend her as an orthodontist.

Brandon H.


Dr. Rhoads is very professional and did an awesome job on my teeth. She went out of her way to help on an emergency basis and was very understanding when my appliance broke. I would say that the time went by quickly and was definitely worth it. I am extremely happy with the way my teeth look now!

Hunter D.


I spent 2 years going to Dr. Rhoads and needed a lot of work done for my braces. She was great and made the process very easy. I would definitely recommend her to be your orthodontist!

Hallie S.